Our Courses

We offer courses for children and adults, ages 5+. All courses are interactive and customized for the student's needs. You can choose your courses to design a custom package suitable for your situation. We provide productive online courses with a native English Speaking teacher to lift your english speaking skills and confidence.

Book Club Course

Leveled readers/storytelling/diction/focus on vocabulary and pronunciation

English Lift Course

writing/leveled readers and storytelling

FreeTalk Course

Conversation skills/pronunciation, expression & natural conversation

Writing Workshop Course

Correct sentence structure/grammar/
punctuation/spelling and phonics

Years Teaching


5 Star Reviews


Teaching Hours


Our plans

Educational, Everyday, English Lift Class.
Each class is interactive, supportive and fun with visually aesthetic presentations along with various physical and digital props to help students reach their academic goals.

Payment can be made via WeChat Pay, Alipay, PayPal and All Major Credit Cards


We offer many different curriculum options which will motivate young learners to learn a second language,
help set clear goals, give students confidence , acquire great skills and get good grades in English.

Big English

Crystal Clear ESL


ESL Pals

Unite for Literacy

Oxford Young Learners

Experience and Reliability

We have over 3,500 hours and are passionate about what we do.
Over the years we have developed many techniques to keep your child engaged and excited about learning.

Technical Knowledge

We are very familiar with platforms such as Zoom and classin logo.
Most classes will be held on Classin where students will be provided with a two-way interactive whiteboard,
in class file uploading and sharing, use of a toolbar with multiple tools, class recordings and after class teacher feedback.